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“The Measure of Everyday Life” is a weekly public radio program featuring researchers, practitioners, and professionals discussing their work to improve the human condition. Independent Weekly has called the show ‘unexpected’ and ‘diverse’ and notes that the show ‘brings big questions to radio.'

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[Photo: J. Bowman]

May 24, 2017

Scientific communities are pivotal in the advancement of society through technology, medicine, and new knowledge. But where do large honor societies fit in scientific communities? How do they help shape science policy? Jamie Vernon and John Nemeth of SIGMA Xi discuss the important role honors societies play in the world.

Mark Peeples
almost seven years ago

Excellent interview from our Sigma Xi leaders in TRP!

Don Ekberg
over seven years ago

Excellent discussion by Jamie Vernon and John
Nemeth. I would like to see similar discussions
demonstrating the need for scientific research that may not lead to immediate application.